DTP & IT Department

Desktop Publishing Services 

EuroGreek Translations Limited provides added-value Desktop Publishing Services. Our Desktop Publishing & ΙΤ Department employs full-time, in-house, experienced DTP specialists covering all Latin and Cyrillic alphabet based languages, in addition to Greek, at very competitive rates.

EuroGreek offers the following services, in both Mac OS and Windows platforms:

  • Desktop Publishing, using most popular applications
  • Image Processing
  • Pre-press file preparation, providing the client with print-ready material
  • All types of possible file conversions, including cross-platform and cross-application conversions
  • Creation of files from non-editable sources, though OCR and other techniques, enabling linguists and project managers to use translation tools

Case Study

Since 1999, we have been translating and typesetting a well known prestigious magazine. The magazine makes frequent use of wordplay, so creative writing adapted to the Greek market is needed. The layout is complicated with limited space. Strong liaison with the client, as well as fast reaction to last-minute adjustments, are required.

About EuroGreek

EuroGreek’s mission is to provide quality turnkey language solutions –from simple translation projects to desktop/web publishing to localisation and testing– processed exclusively by in-house specialists.

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